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Presentation: Creating Multiscreen Apps

April 27, 2010 | By

This was the presentation I showcased during the Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 this month. I also showcased the Flash Professional CS5 to Flash Builder 4 workflow. Showcased the game that I developed in Flash Professional CS5 and used Flash Builder 4 to write code for the same and publishing the same code for Browser, [...]

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Flash Catalyst – Skin a custom DataList

April 23, 2010 | By

I myself being a designer, designing a custom skin for a List component has always been a little difficult. Experiencing Adobe Flash Catalyst was overwhelming from a designer’s perspective. To make this obvious, I am presenting a simple way of creating a fairly cool looking list box (DataList) component using Adobe Flash Catalyst 1.0. Download [...]

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Register for CS5 Launch Event

March 29, 2010 | By

Register for the CS5 launch global event on Monday, April 12th, 2010. To register, get updates and latest buzz about the product, do visit the site – Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch Some sneak peeks that you can see – > Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Content Aware Fill > Introduction to Flash Catalyst > Adobe [...]

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Adobe Flex 4 is Out

March 22, 2010 | By

Good news to RIA developers. Adobe Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 are now available for download.
Download Open Source Flex 4 SDK -here
Download/Buy Flash Builder 4 -here
Know more about the “Version 4″ – here

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Flex DataGrid Auto Sort Example

March 17, 2010 | By

This post is just an extension of my earlier post describing the auto sort solution for your Flex DataGrid. Upon request, I have built a simple code that demonstrates it. This is how it looks: –


The Downloads column is auto sorted and that too in descending order. [...]

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Speaking: Great Indian Developer Summit 2010

March 15, 2010 | By

I will be speaking in the Great Indian Developer Summit coming up (Apr 20, 21, 22) on April 21st, 2010. My topic of concentration would be around Flash Platform across platforms and devices. Find the details below: – Developing multi-screen applications on Adobe Flash Platform The ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR spans [...]

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HP Slate – Flash Player & AIR Demo

March 9, 2010 | By

HP released a video introducing its tablet called the Slate that will run Windows 7 operating system and support Adobe Flash. To demonstrate that, HP posts a video with Adobe’s Alan Tam. He shows Adobe Air and Flash in action on the device. Alan Tam from Adobe showcases H.264 video running on Flash Player (on [...]

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Flash Symbian Packager – Helisso

March 4, 2010 | By

As AIR 2.0 is down the line ticking time for the release, the current BETA AIR 2.0 has got one of the best examples a developer can build. Helisso – A Symbian Packager developed in AS3 for AIR 2.0. Mark Doherty, platform evangelist has posted complete details of the app Helisso on his blog. Also [...]

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Building iPhone Apps in CS5

March 2, 2010 | By

Presentation by Mike Chambers, Principal Product Manager, Adobe. Very informative and useful if you are seeking help in improving performance of your App using CS5 for iPhone (for future use of course).

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5 Years at Adobe!

March 2, 2010 | By

Completed 5 years at Macromedia-Adobe!

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India Game Dev Summit 2010 Pics

February 27, 2010 | By

Find the pics below of today’s summit. It was good overall. My presentation was taken well. Responded well. I am not planning to post the source files of Labyrinth (with Accelerometer) online. Please wait for CS5 Then probably I will post all these…

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India Game Dev Summit 2010 Slides

February 27, 2010 | By

Here are my slides for India Game Developer Summit 2010 (today’s session).

Pics to follow…

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Mobile World Congress 2010 Summary

February 26, 2010 | By

Mark Doherty has posted the summary of MWC 2010.

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FP10.1 Beta 3

February 26, 2010 | By

Don’t forget to download Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3 on your desktops (Win ActiveX, Win Plugin, Mac Plugin, Linux Plugin from Adobe Labs. Below are the list of bug fixes for Beta 3 as per the release notes in the page – Installation: Installers require administrator rights and should never launch on restricted user accounts [...]

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What’s New in FP10.1 and AIR2

February 25, 2010 | By

Here is an informative presentation by Serge Jespers describing new features of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.

For more information and source files of this presentation, visit the original blog entry.

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Flash Player – How We Test…

February 19, 2010 | By

For people who comment/write about Flash Player crashing on their machines, do report a bug in our Bug Management Tool.
For more information on the Flash Player stability, Kevin has written a note that’s worth reading just to know the effort take…

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Speaking: India Game Developer Summit 2010

January 27, 2010 | By

I will be speaking in the India Game Developer Summit 2010, Bangalore. Here is the detail of my focused session: – Building Gaming Experience for Mobile & Devices Track: Game Programming; Mobile Gaming As vast and rich as the experience in Flash content is, the session gives you an insight regarding how easy the whole [...]

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3D Realistic Earth using Papervision 3D – Part 1

December 9, 2009 | By

Introduction I was researching more on Papervision 3D when I realized I can share some information on creating a 3D realistic Earth model. I will also explain how to add rotation to earth and one way to show the rotation of moon and revolution of it around earth. I will also briefly describe how to [...]

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Dynamic Multidimensional Vector in AS3

November 24, 2009 | By

We all know by now how beneficial Vector is over Array in most cases. Relating to strict data typing, way to an error free code and of course the performance are some benefits of using Vector instead of Array in Action Script 3.0. Below is a small code snippet of working with Multidimensional vector created [...]

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Forum Nokia Developer Conference

November 4, 2009 | By

The Forum Nokia Developer Conference is back this year and is scheduled to take place on 7th December 2009 at the Taj Residency, Bangalore. The conference is intended for anyone in mobile development – game developers, publishers, operators, aggregators, music and content houses etc, with sessions covering varied Forum Nokia technologies and platforms.
See you there…
Register [...]

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