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Update on Response for Brackets

January 27, 2014 | By

ResponseWell it has been over a year and I wish I could tell you that this feature has been worked on and is being released in an upcoming version of Brackets. Unfortunately it hasn’t been touched much by me or anyone else since I presented it at MAX. I can’t and won’t go into details about the reason for this. If you are looking to get mad at someone, I’ll take it.

But now [...]

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A New Job and Focus for 2014

January 22, 2014 | By

I’m happy to let everyone know that I’m not dead, although you wouldn’t know it from all the dust on this blog. Do people even read blogs anymore? Well I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

The last few months have been filled with lots of exciting changes at work. Firstly, you’ll notice from the image above that I am no longer an evangelist. After 5 amazing years of travel and community-focused work I was really getting a strong itch to [...]

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Create Now Events Across America

September 16, 2013 | By

Don’t be lazy and create later. The above video, hosted by a caffeinated Paul Trani, gives an overview of what to expect at the upcoming Create Now tour. There are stops in SF, Boston, Portland, Denver, Toronto, Chicago, LA, Washington, Atlanta, and Seattle. More stops will be added later on.

I’ll be at the SF event because, well, I live here.

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Introduction to Photoshop Generator

September 12, 2013 | By

The new version of Photoshop CC just launch a couple of days ago with an amazing new feature for JavaScript developers. Generator essentially adds a running Node.js server to Photoshop taking extensibility to a new level. In the video above I show you how to get your development environment setup and create your first plugin. Creating randomly colored cloud layers is no longer limited to those who went to design school.

For those who still like to read, you [...]

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Great Quote

September 12, 2013 | By

I suck at blogging.
Lee Brimelow

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I’m on sabbatical for a month

July 11, 2013 | By

It has been over 5 years since I started at Adobe and one of the many perks is a one-month, paid sabbatical. WTF is a sabbatical? Good question. Most people treat it like a vacation. Some learn a new skill. Others spend time thinking about what they want to do next in their career.

I know exactly what changes I want to make to my career and this month will be spent preparing a plan for those changes. None of these [...]

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CSS Design using Edge Animate

June 3, 2013 | By

Update: the export CSS feature is already live in the December update to Photoshop CS6. Thanks Tom!

I have been doing a lot of CSS design recently and have tried many different tools and workflows. One of my favorite is a workflow that is a little different in that it uses Edge Animate, which is available with a free Creative Cloud account, to generate my finished CSS code. Now Edge Animate is an amazing CSS animation tool, but [...]

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Native equivalents of jQuery functions

May 18, 2013 | By

Update: many people have asked about browser compatability for the native methods I’ve shown. Here are the links to that information: querySelector/querySelectorAll, classList, getElementsByClassName, createDocumentFragment.

If you checked out my last post you’ll know that I have been doing lots of JavaScript coding as of late, both inside and out of Brackets. I have also been doing a series of performance tests (1, 2, 3) between popular jQuery methods and their native [...]

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Responsive Design Tool for Brackets

May 17, 2013 | By

Over the last month or so I have been working on something that is completely different from anything I’ve done before. It all started because I was thinking about how I could create a responsive design tool specifically aimed at developers. Adobe already has an amazing tool for designers called Edge Reflow. You can check out my tutorial if you want to see how that tool works.

But for developers, most of the time you are going to want [...]

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My latest course

April 3, 2013 | By

I just wanted to drop a quick note announcing that my latest title is now live. This one is called Developing Applications for Amazon Kindle Devices and it covers all of the Amazon-specific APIs available when building your Android applications.

It’s about 4.5 hours and it should cover everything you need to launch successful apps on the Amazon App Store.

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Sharing Designs Using the Creative Cloud

March 21, 2013 | By

Ever since we released the Creative Cloud, it has been a challenge to help people understand what it is all about. I answered some of the most frequently asked questions in a previous post but one of the areas that I didn’t touch on is the advanced sharing capabilities for Adobe filetypes like Photoshop PSD and Illustrator AI files.

In the video above I show an example of sharing a Photoshop PSD file that allows people to toggle [...]

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Why I Like TypeScript

March 13, 2013 | By

Check out the video above to see why I think TypeScript can be a great technology for those coming from an object-oriented language like AS3 or Java. It can really help you to understand today’s JavaScript because it compiles down to human-readable code as opposed to other technologies like Dart. Basically TypeScript allows you to use the JavaScript of tomorrow (ECMAScript 6), today.

For those who are looking for a good setup for Mac, I highly recommend the sublime-typescript [...]

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Adobe Game Jam – New York City

February 17, 2013 | By

I’m happy to finally be able to announce Adobe Game Jam New York City. It will take place March 8th and 9th at the swanky Adobe offices in Times Square. This will be the first game jam that will allow you to build your game using either Flash or HTML5. Flash-based games must be built using Stage3D. For HTML5 games, you will need to use the CreateJS framework and create at least some of your assets using the [...]

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My Unofficial Creative Cloud FAQ

February 15, 2013 | By

In my travels lately I’ve noticed that some people don’t fully understand or have never even heard of the Creative Cloud. Now if you are regular reader of my blog then you probably know what’s up, but if there are decision makers in your company or other folks that you want to educate, you can send them here or to the much larger official FAQ. I want to make sure everybody understands how much better [...]

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Join me at MAX for a full-day of gaming

February 11, 2013 | By

Yes it’s that time of year again. Actually it’s a different time this year but nonetheless, it’s time to start preparing for Adobe MAX. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be doing a full day pre-conference workshop entitled Building Games with the Adobe Gaming SDK. In it I’ll be covering all of the new tools and frameworks like Starling, Feathers, Away3D, and also profiling with Adobe Scout.

Here is the official description:

Interested in building games? Come to this lab [...]

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Coming to London for the Tiga Game Jam

January 20, 2013 | By

I’m excited that I will be coming back to the homeland to attend the TIGA GameHackDays in London. I have heard nothing but good things about these events and it will be great to be involved. I will be joined by my fellow evangelist Renaun Erickson. I think we are going to do a presentation but the primary reason for our being there is to answer any questions the hackers have about Adobe gaming technology.

The event takes place [...]

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Adobe Game Jam Coming to Germany

January 16, 2013 | By

We promised we would be doing game jams in Europe and I’m happy to announce the first one. It will take place at the Adobe office in Hamburg, Germany on February 15th and 16th. I can’t say enough good things about these game jams. They are a great way to learn a ton of stuff and also to network with other developers. Like I have said before, you do not need prior gaming experience to attend these. Register below.

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Tina Fey Is Emotional About Flash Player

January 15, 2013 | By

In the latest episode of 30 Rock, Tina Fey is on some kind of hormone treatment and is extra emotional. View the video above where she is concerned about where Flash Player 11.4 will go after she upgrades.
Thanks for the rip Thibault!

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One Hell of an HTML5 Site

January 12, 2013 | By

As a long-time Flash guy I have very often been unimpressed by a lot of the interactive HTML5 examples out there. Don’t get me wrong, there has been some nice stuff but they just didn’t usually feel smooth and polished.

Well a new site has launched created by Jongmin Kim and it is one of the best examples I have seen to date. The new site, called Form Follows Function, contains a slick interface that showcases a bunch of [...]

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Tutorial on JavaScript Physics with Box2D

January 2, 2013 | By

I just uploaded part one of a two part series that explains how to setup and use the JavaScript port of Box2D to add physics to your canvas and CreateJS projects. Part 1 covers how to setup your world and add objects to it. Drawing debug data to the c…

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The Year Ahead

January 1, 2013 | By

Well 2012 is now in the books. For me it was a great year both personally and professionally. Personally, I finally married Giovanna after 10 years, my son Ethan is doing well in his first year of high school, and Rusty, Bea, and Harry are all doing great. Professionally, I learned a ton about game development in my new role and I also worked hard to try and help Flash developers learn more about the emerging world of HTML5 and JavaScript. It wasn’t all great though. I struggled with eating healthy and curbing my alcohol intake (I like beer). But without further adieu, here are some of my plans (aka resolutions) for 2013.

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